With exceptional vision and passion for urban dance, our mission is to develop the dance community and enrich lives by giving everyone an opportunity to dance, providing all dancers a platform to express with the best artists in Calgary and fostering growth with a team oriented focus. We see a bright future, and we’re excited for you to join our family.


UniverseSoul Dance is a premier hip-hop dance organization based in Calgary and is recognized as being among the most elite hip-hop dance crews in Western Canada. With our signature style, we are innovators that are expanding the boundaries of urban dance.  Our expert faculty train our students in some of the most unique hip-hop dance styles in Canada and push our dancers to achieve their highest potential and fulfill their dreams!

At UniverseSoul, you are the inspiration!



At UV, we offer several intensive recreational programs that run from September to June as well as drop-in classes and workshops. Check out our rec and drop in classes or send us a message at [email protected].
Our workshops are open to all ages! Most of our out of town guests will teach at an advanced level. As long as you are in intermediate – advanced student of any age, the workshops will be a great experience for you!
  • Competitive: Registration will happen all of September.
  • Recreation: Registration happens year round.  Recreation programs are sold as three month packages (sessions), which coincides with Fall, Winter and Spring.
  • Summer: You can register online here 

Registration can currently happen via website, email or in person.

2017/18 season auditions will be August 25th and 26th. More info to come!
Our Free Trial Classes will be on August 19th this year where you can sample the competitive classes.
Our drop-in classes run once a month. The dates can be found on our classes page.

  • 5:30pm: Beginner
  • 6:30pm: Intermediate
  • 7:30pm: Advanced
  • Drop ins and Workshops : Cash and credit
  • Recreation and Competitive: Credit and post-dated cheques
  • Merchandise: Cash and credit
  • No Debit
Fill out our rental questionnaire and a UV representative will get back to you within 2 business days! Check out the Rental page